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Property Owners

Custom Wireless
Infrastructure Solutions
We use our deep technological expertise to determine the correct wireless solution for each of our clients. Technologies we deploy include Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, C-RAN/ D-RAN and WiFi
Design, Installation &
System Management

We offer complete turn-key solutions that include the design, installation and long-term management of commercial wireless systems.
Flexible Ownership
We offer several ownership models including third-party, carrier, and customer-owned solutions. We help our clients determine the best ownership model based on their specific needs.
We help carriers, enterprise owners and municipalities navigate the complex world of commercial wireless infrastructure. We provide oversight and guidance on large, complex projects, as well as RFP management, site acquisition and contract negotiation services.
FAQs For Property Owners
What does Quantum Wireless do?
We help venue owners improve cellular connectivity inside and around their properties. We typically do this by designing and installing a “neutral host distributed antenna system” or “DAS.” A DAS is a system of antennas placed throughout indoor or outdoor locations to improve wireless coverage. “Neutral” means that the system works to improve coverage and capacity for all the wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint), instead of a single-carrier system built only for the technical specifications and spectrum bands of one carrier.
I already have WiFi at my property, why do I need to talk to you?
WiFi is not a replacement for cellular coverage. We often hear from venue owners, “we have WiFi so our visitors are covered.” While WiFi is a critical component of an overall wireless solution, it cannot take the place of solid cellular coverage. Customers still need to make voice calls, and expect the quality of their cellular network. Data and texting can occur over WiFi connections, but there are security and bandwidth issues to consider. On-property WiFi systems often require a fee and/or sign in process that some users find annoying. Many consumers prefer to use their wireless carrier’s data connection, as cellular networks can provide faster and easier access than WiFi.
Can I contact the wireless carriers myself to improve coverage at my property?
Yes, you can… as long as you are prepared to work with up to four different carriers, and have the resources to handle that process. You’ll need to be sure you have a dedicated IT/project manager who can be the carriers’ primary point of contact to manage all their systems and requests. And you need to be willing to potentially have four separate systems installed at your property – at different times. If you are thinking about working directly with the carriers, let us know and we’d be happy to give you some free guidance on best practices.
Why can’t one of the carriers install a neutral host DAS at my property?
They can – but typically won’t unless specifically requested by the property owner. However, one carrier will need to be the “lead anchor” on the system. So, the carrier you select to own and manage the neutral host DAS will be the “anchor” and will plug all their equipment in first. Then, they will need to negotiate financial terms with the other carriers before they can join the system. As you can imagine, the wireless carriers are fierce competitors, so this negotiation may take some time. Our neutral DAS solution is plug in ready from day 1 – and we have an incentive to get all the carriers on our system at your property.
How much will it cost to install a DAS at my property?
In some cases – typically for very large properties or those in major event or convention cities – the wireless carriers are willing to invest in a DAS solution to improve coverage at your property. Because we work with all the major wireless carriers and we understand their budget cycles and priority areas, we are able to help property owners in strategic locations obtain a cellular wireless solution at no cost to the property.

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